Entry Door Buying Guide

Entry doors are the most used access points by buglers. By securing the front and back door, one can easily put away intruders. One sure way of doing this is by installing security steel doors. This will help safeguard your property and make it difficult to break in. One can also opt for additional security features like cameras and alarms to increase security together with the door. Whether you are considering replacing of buying a new steel door, the following are shopping tips to help you find the right security door.

Research online

It offers a cheaper and easy alternative to comparing different manufacturer offers without physical movement. It will give you a brief introduction about different manufacturers and product description as well. You can also find a nearby shop while researching online. Most manufacturers are offer online communication alternatives in case of any questions.

Consider additional door features

Different manufacturers offer varying features for security doors. Some of these features are aimed at making the door more secured while others are for decoration purposes. The cost of the door is greatly dependent on these additional features. Before settling for a particular door design, consider available customised security features like locks, material used and alarms. It is also important to shop for a door with additional handling features like adjustable threshold to ensure convenience while using.

Material used

A good security door should be made from quality material to ensure strength and durability. The material should withstand any break in attempts. Consider doors that have surpassed minimum security design standards. The desired door should be more than 2 inches thick and made from uniform strong material. In addition, the material used should be able to withstand different climatic conditions without tearing. The metal used should be heavy and long lasting to ensure strength and long life of the door.

Inspect the door locks

Despite having a strong steel door material, locks can compromise its security. Low-quality lock can make it easy to drill, cut or use a master key and gain easy entry. It is thus important to inspect the locks used before making the final buy decision. Desired locks should be strong and not easy to tamper with apart from its original key. Some locks are fitted with alarms and motion sensors to deter break ins. Consider a door fitted with a lock having additional security features.

Door chains and peep hole

Door chain and peep hole offers secondary access control by person inside. The peep hole should be set at an angle that only permits view from inside. Door chain controls the communication between you and outsider; it acts as a second barrier. It should be firmly attached to the hub making it hard for force entry.
Prevent theft by installing correct security steel doors. The above guide will help you shop for secured door with the desired security features. You can consider additional options like your house design, colour and shape of the door together with the above guide in making your final buying decision.