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Steel Security doors for business

When it comes to security doors for your business, steel doors are certainly the best option. They are almost impossible to break through and are more likely to dent than to actually break. This makes them a perfect security deterrent. 

The reason why steel doors are great for business security is that they are hard-wearing, long-lasting and very secure. You can incorporate a multi-point locking system within the door which has 12 locking points around the steel frame.

You can purchase single steel doors in either a standard or heavy-duty. The difference between the two is the thickness of the steel.

All steel security doors should come with CE marking.  This is a legal requirement for any door sold in the UK/Europe.

The cost of steel doors for your business can start from as little as £200 but can cost many thousands depending on the durability, size and design.

CCTV for your business

When it comes to protecting your business, most opt for CCTV cameras, but how do you choose the right one.  Here are two questions to ask yourself when deciding on a system to purchase.

Where will the camera be mounted?
Deciding on the proper housing and mounting for your camera is essential.  If your camera will be in a factory, does it need protection from dust or heat? If it is a cold environment, does it need insulating or require an internal heating system?

How will lighting affect your recording?
You need to consider the camera’s location as glare from windows, metal structures, and even direct sunlight can affect the recording quality or make it impossible to see anything. Many cameras come with an IR filter and artificial illuminators to ensure that images stay crisp and clear.

There are many other questions to consider, but these are two essential ones that should be top of the list to answer.

Are guard dogs really necessary in today’s world?

Guard dogs have long been the answer for many homeowners or business owners who want protect their properties and valuables, but are they really necessary now that we have made so much progress with secure doors, windows, alarms and security cameras?

It’s understandable why many people keep guard dogs to protect private property and warn off intruders, and a barking dog is certainly more intimidating than a camera, but there have been too many cases where burglars have come out winning in court because they were injured by guard dogs, meaning it doesn’t matter whether they’re on your land, if your dog bites them, you’re at risk of being prosecuted. This alone means it’s really not worth it, and training a dog to protect your home can make perfect sense, but they shouldn’t be trained to the extent where they’re prepared to be extremely vicious to intruders. A good quality CCTV camera and alarm will deter most burglars, and let’s be honest, guard dogs just aren’t necessary.

Using Security Tape To Seal And Protect Containers

A common and effective method of sealing containers is by using security tape. Security tape acts as a deterrent to opening an item, leaving markings on the affixed surface and on the tape itself, marking the item as void and opened.

How is it used?

Security tape is applied on the seals of a container. It is fixed in a way that the item cannot be opened without removing the tape before hand. While security tape is relatively strong compared to standard types of tape, it is not designed to physically protect against forced opening, and can be removed quite easily.

Certain types of security tape also include serial numbers and colour coding. These help to identify items that may have been tampered with. Customisations like these add a higher level of protection to the item, providing more security than standard types of security tape.

Using GPS Tracking With Security Systems

It’s not uncommon for a security system to make use of GPS tracking to help ensure the security of an item. It can be a very valuable tool, especially when tracking the location of stolen goods or vehicles.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to track the location of something anywhere on the Earth, 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions. Because of these features, a GPS enabled security system is more suited to safeguarding items that have the potential of being moved to a different location. Examples of this include cars, bikes and expensive items like jewellery and watches.

GPS security systems are also useful for tracking the movement of an item but within a designated range. In some instances, an item may be moved around regularly, so the security system allows for this. But it may be undesirable for the item to exceed certain ranges, if this happens the security system will then trigger, alerting of the unwanted movement.