Benefits of Silent Alarms for Businesses

When you think of an alarm system, you typically think of loud ringing or obnoxious sirens, that let everyone know something is going on, but there are also silent alarms that have their own benefits. Benefits of Silent Alarms • The biggest benefit is the element of surprise. Burglars might tend to take their time more if they do not know an alarm has been tripped and may have a greater chance of being caught. • Having a CCTV system along with a silent alarm is even better as they will complement each other in providing better security. • Any surrounding homes or establishments will not be disturbed if your... Read More »

How Much Does a Retail Security Tagging System Cost?

If you are a small business owner, selling retail merchandise, you have probably wondered about security tagging, like larger retailers. These systems typically include tags (usually made of plastic) that you attach to your merchandise, some form of removal device that only staff would have access to and the detection mechanisms at the entry/exit points. These systems can be an excellent way to stop or deter theft in your shop, but are they affordable? For a small shop system that would include one detection pillar, 1 high strength tag detacher and 500 tags, you could pay as little as £1,110. This would not include installation but the cost could still... Read More »

Staying Safe on the Web

Internet safety is one of the biggest safety issues we face in this technological era. So much personal data is online that we really need to be careful and think twice about visiting new websites. The web is full of scammers and malware, so one important way to help keep you safe when browsing, is ensuring you download an AVG Secure Brower that checks websites you are trying to visit, to ensure that they are safe for your to share personal information with. Many popular web browsers already include safety features that help to block pop-ups, send Do Not Track requests to websites, disable unsafe Flash content, stop malicious downloads... Read More »

Ensuring the Security of Your Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are a great way to help secure your home or business. Roller shutter doors are excellent for security and provide long-lasting protection but their efficiency and longevity depend on looking after them with the proper upkeep. A few handy tips to consider are: Purchase Good Materials It is important to consider roller shutter doors as an investment, not an expense. Going with quality materials is very important for the best security and long-lasting protection. Perform Regular Cleans Ensure you conduct regular cleaning of the surfaces including the railing, tracks and rollers so that they continue to perform without issues. Lubricate Occasionally Make sure that you lubricate the... Read More »

Are Metal Gates Better Than Wood Gates?

Choosing the right gate for your home or business can be overwhelming. With there being so many choices, you might be debating on whether to choose metal or wooden gates for your property. Here are a few reasons why you should choose metal gates over wooden gates. 1. Improved Durability Metal gates, especially those made out of wrought iron, are very durable compared to wooden gates. The material is harder to destroy so you are not likely going to suffer termite infestation or rotting due to weather elements compared to wooden gates. If you want to add heavy ornaments to your metal gates, you can do so without any worries.... Read More »
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