How guard dog patrols can help secure your property or event

There are many ways to hep improve the security of your home, business or event. As a property owner, it is important to take measures to secure your assets. Having a security team that use a guard dog to patrol can be an effective way to do this. We have outlined some of the top benefits of using guard dog patrols: Deterrent against crime – A guard dog patrol can act as a deterrent against criminals who may be looking to target your property. The presence of a dog can make potential intruders think twice about attempting to break in. Not only can the canine detect any intruders early, by... Read More »

Steel Security doors for business

When it comes to security doors for your business, steel doors are certainly the best option. They are almost impossible to break through and are more likely to dent than to actually break. This makes them a perfect security deterrent.  The reason why steel doors are great for business security is that they are hard-wearing, long-lasting and very secure. You can incorporate a multi-point locking system within the door which has 12 locking points around the steel frame. You can purchase single steel doors in either a standard or heavy-duty. The difference between the two is the thickness of the steel. All steel security doors should come with CE marking. ... Read More »

CCTV for your business

When it comes to protecting your business, most opt for CCTV cameras, but how do you choose the right one.  Here are two questions to ask yourself when deciding on a system to purchase. Where will the camera be mounted?Deciding on the proper housing and mounting for your camera is essential.  If your camera will be in a factory, does it need protection from dust or heat? If it is a cold environment, does it need insulating or require an internal heating system? How will lighting affect your recording?You need to consider the camera’s location as glare from windows, metal structures, and even direct sunlight can affect the recording quality... Read More »

Sectional doors: why are they more popular?

Sectional garage doors use modern technology but with the appearance of a traditional garage door. Vertically opening, the door is made up of 4-5 panels that hinge back inside the garage as it rises within the opening. This neat finish means having cool patterns or wood grain finishes is possible, which is not always the case with roller garage doors. They work very similarly to roll up doors, but fold up into neat sections. The various types of materials used to construct the panels are also different. The choices available include anodized aluminium (lightweight, long-lasting, fire-resistant), fibreglass (strong, weather-resistant) and steel (durable, highly insulated). The material chosen is going to be... Read More »

Benefits of Silent Alarms for Businesses

When you think of an alarm system, you typically think of loud ringing or obnoxious sirens, that let everyone know something is going on, but there are also silent alarms that have their own benefits. Benefits of Silent Alarms • The biggest benefit is the element of surprise. Burglars might tend to take their time more if they do not know an alarm has been tripped and may have a greater chance of being caught. • Having a CCTV system along with a silent alarm is even better as they will complement each other in providing better security. • Any surrounding homes or establishments will not be disturbed if your... Read More »
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