Utilising Security Glass Safely and Securely

Security glass is widely used within home and industrial security systems. It is a visually appealing and functional method of cordoning off and protecting various areas in a building. It is imperative however that the materials used are of a high quality.

Many security glass systems are of a high quality as standard. However, the combination of high quality glass and a high quality frame which holds it is what needs to be adhered to.

It is sometimes the case that whilst high quality glass is used, the frame or fixtures used to hold it are not at the same level of quality, this leads to issues of compatibility and creates vulnerabilities within the security system.

The glass can behave differently in different framing systems. So it is recommended that high performance glazing is combined with high quality framing systems to attain a high level of protection.

A high quality frame and glass is a far safer alternative to the cheaper variations. Allowing for a secure and reliable system.