Using The Right Camera Casing For The Right Area

Most security cameras are fitted with replaceable casings. These casings are what protect the delicate electronics inside a security camera from outside hazards, so making sure a camera has a casing that is strong enough for the area it’s in is crucial.

A strong casing will improve the durability and longevity of a security camera, but only if it is strong enough. Depending on where a camera is situated, it will be exposed to certain hazards and conditions. For example a camera that is positioned high enough will be vulnerable to heavier wind and rain than a camera that is closer to the ground.

Other hazards that will determine what type of casing to use on a security camera include; proximity to thrown projectiles, near by electrical hazards, radio interference and extreme heat and cold. Standard security cameras are rarely fitted with a casing that will stand up to every possible outdoor hazard. It often requires extra monetary investment to get the right case for the right area.