Understanding the Luggage Airport Security System

Most people will have had to stand in the nervous queue at an airport, waiting to place their hand luggage on the conveyor belt, but not many people know much about the system being used.

It’s an extremely clever security system that can scan around Scans up to 500 bags or bins per hour, giving security guards high quality images of the contents in the bag. It resolves any threats more easily, while it reduces the number of false alarms, because if they find something in a passenger’s bag, there’s a good chance it’s dangerous and has to be removed or dealt with by authorities.

In simple terms it’s a detection system but it uses Computed tomography, and this essentially is the same technology used in the medical industry, to diagnose human disease, and that just goes to show its sheer power. No matter how many layers your suitcase has, this system will provide clear images of the contents, whilst detecting threats within seconds of scanning.