The Disadvantages Of Using Fake Cameras

In the last post we looked at the advantages of using fake cameras, but are there any disadvantages to this security strategy?

Obviously the first glaring disadvantage is that fake cameras provide no system of visual awareness like real cameras do. They do not make recordings of the environment and as such can’t be used to refer to when assessing the surrounding area, in real time or when referring to a recording.

Fake cameras provide a false sense of security

While fake cameras are a comparatively cheap deterrent against criminals, instilling a sense of defence against them. They also instil a false sense of security in the owners. It can be easy to look up at your own fake security system each day and to rest easy in the notion that they protect your premises, but they do not.

This is a problem that can run deeper than you might expect. A false sense of security will allow you to pay less attention than you otherwise would on your security. Attention that should really not be misplaced.