The Best Security Measure On The Planet

There are thousands of security products available. Night vision cameras, trip wires, automated security lights, security glass, alarms, there is no end to the physical tools you can use for security.

However there is another simple security measure that you can’t buy. It’s not physical either, but mental. This is the ability to simply use your human awareness.

Companies  can spend exorbitant amounts of money on security. But simply being aware and tuning your innate human senses can be one of the best security defences on the planet.

Often times security tools are bought with the intention of giving the owner ‘peace of mind’. While it can be a good thing, to allow tools to handle jobs for us, it can also make us mentally lazy.

Buying security tools can make us humans put things into the backs of our minds. If by chance something does actually happen and a security system works, it can shock people as they don’t expect it. Evidence that the security tool is taking the place of normal brain power.