Streaming your CCTV footage

Most affordable home CCTV systems give you the option to download an app for your mobile and watch footage live.

It’s a neat feature really because you can watch your home whilst you’re at work, or in a completely different country. If yours has night vision, you’ll get a clear picture in the middle of the night too. Of course in most cases, if you have functioning CCTV cameras burglars will spot them and they won’t be too keen on entering your property anyways, but you can never be too safe, and by watching your footage as it comes in, you can keep a good eye on potential intruders, and it allows you to always stay one step ahead should something big go down whilst you’re away. Usually, the manual will tell you what app you need to download, and you then simply enter a pin code to pick up your cameras and you’re away. It’s that easy.