Personal Security

people worry about their security at all points in the day, and for good reason, the typical individual will encounter multiple security risks everyday. There are also lots of solutions to these problems, so it is worth doing some investigation into what is most effective for you.

Women typically have different security concerns than men, and therefore require some different tools to maintain their personal security. Having things like pepper-spray, or perhaps a foghorn will fight off many attackers successfully.

Things which everybody may find useful are protections against identity theft. This is a growing concern for many, as more and more horror stories of people’s lives being turned upside down by somebody getting their bank account details and racking up debt, or stealing their credit card and paying for loads of stuff. Laws have been put into place which offer some protection, and recourse for regaining any lost funds, but it is still a very unpleasant situation. You need to make sure that you use strong passwords for all password protected accounts, such as your Facebook account, or even your phone, so that nobody has a chance of just guessing your password.