Staying Safe on the Web

Internet safety is one of the biggest safety issues we face in this technological era. So much personal data is online that we really need to be careful and think twice about visiting new websites. The web is full of scammers and malware, so one important way to help keep you safe when browsing, is ensuring you download an AVG Secure Brower that checks websites you are trying to visit, to ensure that they are safe for your to share personal information with. Many popular web browsers already include safety features that help to block pop-ups, send Do Not Track requests to websites, disable unsafe Flash content, stop malicious downloads... Read More »

Are Metal Gates Better Than Wood Gates?

Choosing the right gate for your home or business can be overwhelming. With there being so many choices, you might be debating on whether to choose metal or wooden gates for your property. Here are a few reasons why you should choose metal gates over wooden gates. 1. Improved Durability Metal gates, especially those made out of wrought iron, are very durable compared to wooden gates. The material is harder to destroy so you are not likely going to suffer termite infestation or rotting due to weather elements compared to wooden gates. If you want to add heavy ornaments to your metal gates, you can do so without any worries.... Read More »

How Is Retail Security Changing In The UK Today

There are so many ways that retail security measures are changing day by day. There are controversies around the world, ones that have led people to increase security measures significantly. Although there are many people that do shop online, this does not mean that online stores are safe. Hackers are becoming more common, infiltrating through firewalls that have been set up which use to protect these retailers. Therefore, in the United Kingdom, there are many retail security changes that are happening now that are designed to help protect businesses. Physical Store Security Changes In The UK There are three things that retailers today need to worry about in regard to... Read More »

Considering the Best Spots for Camera Placement

One highly recommended and effective security measure is the use of CCTV. If you are planning on putting up some cameras, it is important to consider the best positions for camera optimisation and safety of the system itself. Things to Consider for CCTV Placement Do Your Research Speak to previous owners or landlords, to ascertain which areas of the property have proven most vulnerable to break-ins in the past, if applicable. Consider vulnerabilities Think about out which areas are the least secured or most hidden from public view which potential thieves might consider an easier target. Protection from weather Be sure that your security cameras will be sheltered from the... Read More »

4 Top reasons for Buying Secure Steel Personnel Doors

Steel personnel doors are mostly used in police stations, hospitals, and other commercial premises. The purpose of steel personnel doors is to improve security and boost the aesthetics of the commercial premise. Personnel doors are designed to provide a quick and convenient way for people inside a building to be able to escape as quickly as possible in the event of a fire. .You should consider these doors for your commercial premises because the material used to make these doors is strong and durable. That is why any business can use these doors to achieve their security goals. The following are the top reasons to buy secure steel personnel doors.... Read More »