Personal Security

people worry about their security at all points in the day, and for good reason, the typical individual will encounter multiple security risks everyday. There are also lots of solutions to these problems, so it is worth doing some investigation into what is most effective for you. Women typically have different security concerns than men, and therefore require some different tools to maintain their personal security. Having things like pepper-spray, or perhaps a foghorn will fight off many attackers successfully. Things which everybody may find useful are protections against identity theft. This is a growing concern for many, as more and more horror stories of people’s lives being turned upside... Read More »

Improving Home Security

People have a lot of different security concerns, but one of the main ones, and the most important, is the security of their homes. This has impact on all of the residents of the building and at any time, and for lots of different reasons. If you want to have the biggest positive impact on the security of you and your entire family, then this is where you should focus. To start with, you need a quality alarm system. This will provide a first line defence against theft and home invasion by way of a deterrent. They usually come with a public announcement of their presence and their brand, so... Read More »

Your Standard Security Apparatus for Your Standard Retail Premises

When trying to improve the security profile of a premises, it is important that you understand the risks the premises is under. A big corporate office, with customer information, or even privileged information in a law office, requires vastly different security products and procedures than a retail premises, with them requiring technological support which is both more advanced and more difficult to subvert. This is not to say that security isn’t a big issue for retail premises; in fact the quantity of risk is likely far higher, but the quality is typically lacking. Disrupting any thieves or vandals is the primary concern of any retail premises; which is actually solved... Read More »