How Much Does a Retail Security Tagging System Cost?

If you are a small business owner, selling retail merchandise, you have probably wondered about security tagging, like larger retailers. These systems typically include tags (usually made of plastic) that you attach to your merchandise, some form of removal device that only staff would have access to and the detection mechanisms at the entry/exit points. These systems can be an excellent way to stop or deter theft in your shop, but are they affordable?

For a small shop system that would include one detection pillar, 1 high strength tag detacher and 500 tags, you could pay as little as £1,110. This would not include installation but the cost could still be attainable for a small retailer. Especially if theft is quite a big issue for your business, having a simple system like this could save you quite a lot of money, in the long run. Additional things to consider, is if you have multiple entry/exit points and how ‘stealable’ your high value items are.