Considering the Best Spots for Camera Placement

One highly recommended and effective security measure is the use of CCTV. If you are planning on putting up some cameras, it is important to consider the best positions for camera optimisation and safety of the system itself.

Things to Consider for CCTV Placement

Do Your Research
Speak to previous owners or landlords, to ascertain which areas of the property have proven most vulnerable to break-ins in the past, if applicable.

Consider vulnerabilities
Think about out which areas are the least secured or most hidden from public view which potential thieves might consider an easier target.

Protection from weather
Be sure that your security cameras will be sheltered from the elements and not in the most weather vulnerable spots, so as to prolong their life. Also consider if any vegetation could conceal the view of the camera or if a bright glare from the sun will disturb the images.

Additional Features
Some cameras may have the option for night vision or weather proofing which enhances the effectiveness of the camera, so be aware of any additional requirements associated with these features.