CCTV for your business

When it comes to protecting your business, most opt for CCTV cameras, but how do you choose the right one.  Here are two questions to ask yourself when deciding on a system to purchase.

Where will the camera be mounted?
Deciding on the proper housing and mounting for your camera is essential.  If your camera will be in a factory, does it need protection from dust or heat? If it is a cold environment, does it need insulating or require an internal heating system?

How will lighting affect your recording?
You need to consider the camera’s location as glare from windows, metal structures, and even direct sunlight can affect the recording quality or make it impossible to see anything. Many cameras come with an IR filter and artificial illuminators to ensure that images stay crisp and clear.

There are many other questions to consider, but these are two essential ones that should be top of the list to answer.