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How to protect yourself and your interests in London

It is impossible to be too careful in a world that is constantly threatened by forces trying to disrupt any semblance of tranquillity. This is especially true in a global city like London, which is home to more than 8 million people. The sheer size of the population introduces complex challenges towards its maintenance and sustenance. One such challenge is the security and safety of the public. Different parts of London have seen anywhere between 20 to 30 percent rise in criminal activity over the past year. The situation is direr in regions of higher historical crime rate such as Lambeth, Southwark and Newham, which have witnessed a 20 percent... Read More »

Gate Automation for Added Security

Gate automation essentially provides easy electronic access to a property or residence, and the gate opens as the individual presses a button on their remote, or mobile phone. A GSM controlled gate automation system recognises the number of the caller, it rejects the call and instructs the gate or door to open or close. It’s extremely clever technology and it ensures you get a good amount of security, while you do not have to exit your vehicle to manually open the gate. More and more people are opting for this security system and it’s something and whether you opt for a remote control or a GSM controller, you’ll be guaranteed... Read More »

Understanding Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM)

Advanced wireless communication we see these days makes it possible to send radio frequency signals over very long distances. Through Wireless communication, we can comfortably relay crucial information over hundreds of miles without the need of expensive infrastructure like installation of physical cables, which are prone to all kinds of damage either through vandalism or through extreme climate. Wireless signal transmission on the other hand also suffers certain limitations. Engineers have come up with different ways to counter these limitations in order to make signal transmission and reception as flawless as possible. This has led to the development of different types of broadcasting techniques that seek to overcome the difficulties... Read More »

3 Security Systems Every Retail Store Needs

No matter where you’re based or what you’re selling, every retail store needs to be secure. You have to make an effort to prevent your products because thieves are out there, and this list of products will ensure your store is secure. 1) CCTV – This is the obvious one really, but it’s definitely needed. You never know when you’re going to need to check the cameras and you’ll only regret this it if you choose not to install CCTV. Plus, it’s a very affordable solution. 2) Security Tags and Towers – These basically alert you when an individual has steppe outside of your store with a product that hasn’t... Read More »

Understanding the Luggage Airport Security System

Most people will have had to stand in the nervous queue at an airport, waiting to place their hand luggage on the conveyor belt, but not many people know much about the system being used. It’s an extremely clever security system that can scan around Scans up to 500 bags or bins per hour, giving security guards high quality images of the contents in the bag. It resolves any threats more easily, while it reduces the number of false alarms, because if they find something in a passenger’s bag, there’s a good chance it’s dangerous and has to be removed or dealt with by authorities. In simple terms it’s a... Read More »