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Night Time Security

If you are securing a premises you will want it kept secure primarily at night time. Most criminals carry out theft and vandalism under the cover of the night. To do  this there are many night applicable security tools available. Night vision cameras are a great choice. With the night vision feature these cameras a adapted to see 24/7. There are many variations in the quality of the night vision, with visibility ranges increasing along side the cost and quality of the camera. Another effective security measure is the use of motion activated floodlights. Floodlights that activate when intruders enter a premises are great for scaring off both trespassers and unwanted wildlife... Read More »

Some tips and advice for making your home appear occupied

As you leave for your fortnight’s holiday in the sun, do you worry about the security of your home and belongings while you are away? One of the simplest ways of securing your home from would-be intruders is to make your home appear as if it is “still lived in”. It’s always a good idea to quietly inform close neighbours or your neighbourhood watch group if you are going to be away for any length of time so that they can keep an eye on your property.  If your neighbour is willing, ask them to call in every day and remove all the post, any free newspapers and advertising leaflets... Read More »

Security on the Cheap

Installing state of the art systems to secure your home from burglars and other intruders can be expensive, especially if you have to pay for installation costs on top of purchase prices. However, there are a number of ways to “fake it”, if you are a household on a limited budget. Security does not have to be complicated. For concealing cash or small items of value indoors, a camouflage safe is a simple but effective way of doing this. Usually manufactured in the form of branded tins of soup or baked beans or tubes of well-known crisps, the camouflage safe can be hidden in your cupboards alongside real food. Dummy... Read More »

Intruder Alert!

Intruder alarms are easy to fit and they’re straightforward in terms of operation. When they detect movement, they ring, and most systems today can phone you to let you know. These systems can be easily activated and activated and most properties will include some kind of intruder alarm on the side or front of the property. These systems include PIR movement detectors while they’re completely wireless and even if they’re deactivated they’re an appropriate deterrent to burglary, vandalism, or crime and to give you complete protection and peace of mind. You don’t need an expert to fit these system either, they’re so cheap today that’s it’s not worth taking the... Read More »

Improving Home Security

People have a lot of different security concerns, but one of the main ones, and the most important, is the security of their homes. This has impact on all of the residents of the building and at any time, and for lots of different reasons. If you want to have the biggest positive impact on the security of you and your entire family, then this is where you should focus. To start with, you need a quality alarm system. This will provide a first line defence against theft and home invasion by way of a deterrent. They usually come with a public announcement of their presence and their brand, so... Read More »