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Security on the Cheap

Installing state of the art systems to secure your home from burglars and other intruders can be expensive, especially if you have to pay for installation costs on top of purchase prices. However, there are a number of ways to “fake it”, if you are a household on a limited budget. Security does not have to be complicated. For concealing cash or small items of value indoors, a camouflage safe is a simple but effective way of doing this. Usually manufactured in the form of branded tins of soup or baked beans or tubes of well-known crisps, the camouflage safe can be hidden in your cupboards alongside real food. Dummy... Read More »

Secure and Safe Travelling

It is a problem faced by many holidaymakers – how do you make sure your suitcase will arrive at your destination intact and secure? Firstly, make sure you pack your belongings in a sturdy, hard-sided suitcase, preferably with a metal lock of some kind. A soft sided suitcase with a zip may be a target for thieves. Even if the zip is padlocked, a thief can open the zip with a sharp, pointed implement or may use a knife to rip the material of the case. Pack valuables – money, passports, credit cards, electronics and mobile phones, etc – in your carry-on luggage and make sure you keep it with... Read More »