Are guard dogs really necessary in today’s world?

Guard dogs have long been the answer for many homeowners or business owners who want protect their properties and valuables, but are they really necessary now that we have made so much progress with secure doors, windows, alarms and security cameras?

It’s understandable why many people keep guard dogs to protect private property and warn off intruders, and a barking dog is certainly more intimidating than a camera, but there have been too many cases where burglars have come out winning in court because they were injured by guard dogs, meaning it doesn’t matter whether they’re on your land, if your dog bites them, you’re at risk of being prosecuted. This alone means it’s really not worth it, and training a dog to protect your home can make perfect sense, but they shouldn’t be trained to the extent where they’re prepared to be extremely vicious to intruders. A good quality CCTV camera and alarm will deter most burglars, and let’s be honest, guard dogs just aren’t necessary.