An Overview of the Types of RCIED Jammers Presently in Use

An RCIED simply refers to a remote controlled improvised explosive device. These types of devices are designed to be detonated through radio frequency based remote control are commonly used in electronic warfare. Lately however, concerns have been raised about their use which as a result has prompted the need for a reliable deterrent taking into account the kind of threat which they pose. All this is owed to the fact that terrorism is increasingly becoming a more and more technically sophisticated endeavor which now more than ever should be handled with a lot of caution.

According to experts, RCIED jammers have so far proven to be the best possible deterrents against remotely controlled explosives. In fact, at the moment their configurations are available and coincide with the acceptable operational requirements guarding the operations of various law enforcement agencies at different levels. In fact, the systems supporting these jammers have been specifically designed to provide continuous electronic protection against all kinds of RCIEDs especially in the most rugged, tactical or extreme environmental set ups.

Considering the extent of threat posed by RCIEDs, there are several products which have been designs to help compliment in countering the possible effects of RCIED detonation. Examples of these products include:

a. The portable Briefcase RCIED jammer
It is a highly portable jamming system specifically designed to offer the protection of high profile individuals for example Bomb experts charged with the responsibility of disarming a RCIED device from immediate threats while going about their normal disarmament routine.

b. The Manpack jammer
It slightly differs from the portable briefcase in the sense that it is designed to offer protection to people on foot. Another feature which makes it stand out from other types of jammers is the fact that it is characteristic of a system that has the capacity to provide electronic counter measures especially in very dangerous areas as a result ruling out any RCIED triggered explosions.

c. The Vehicular Jammer
Just as the name suggests, This jammer is different from the other types in the sense that it is designed to provide protection to vehicles in a convoy from RCIED triggered explosions. The system it uses has the capacity to completely jam frequencies ranging from as low as 25 to as much as 6000 MHz. what’s more, it also boosts of an integral power capacity of up to 2000W which supply its with enough power to provide a comfortably safe protective radius starting from as little as 100m to as much as 400m.

d. The cellular jammer
Again just as the name suggests, this jammer is specifically meant to block cellular communication in a designated area. In most cases such areas are usually restricted areas. This jammer is open for application in areas such as prison/jail, high profiled conferences/seminars, educational institutions as well as religious places just to mention a few areas.

Everything taken into consideration, it is clearly evident that RCIED jammers offer more benefits hence their use should continue to be encouraged for the better good of maintaining integrity and use of electronic devices especially in the forefront towards peace and fight against terrorism.